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Hair, Beauty, and Relaxation

When you’re in your usual, daily routine, how long can you take out of your schedule to enjoy a trip to the salon or a massage? No matter how enjoyable it is, there’s always a point where you start to think of all the other things you need to do – pick the kids up from school, drop something into the cleaners, renew your car tax, do the grocery shopping…. Well, now that you’re at Royal Sun Resort you have nothing else to think about but your own comfort and pleasure – we’re looking after everything else.

Pay a visit to the Royal Sun Salon and you can relax and enjoy every pampering second of it because the most pressing engagement you have afterwards is a cocktail by the pool. And speaking of pools, you can enjoy the most exquisite massage right by the pool, with the lapping of water and the dancing sunlight adding to the sensation of perfection.
By the time our expert hairdressers, manicurists, beauticians, and masseurs have finished with you, you will be completely relaxed … and absolutely fabulous!


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